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Waseda University Bootcamp: What Happens when Japan Meets Israel?

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Located in the heart of Tokyo, Waseda is a research-intensive institution which provides a stimulating academic environment for its students from around the world.

We were happy to organize the Startup Bootcamp for 8 Waseda University aspiring entrepreneurs, who want to make it happen, inspired by Israeli talents and best practices.

Corundum Innovation Co., Ltd. Israel, led by the great Ilan Kieselstein and his Japanese colleagues Hiroko Hamano and KIKUSATO Kaname, have organized their “no pain, no victory” program, and Ilan wanted us again for the 3rd year – and YES, this time, after Covid-19, it was in person.

They were 8 entrepreneurs at early stages, students or alumni of Waseda University in Tokyo, some have got funded and some have their first clients as well. They were 8 crazy enough young professionals, who overcame and went out of their comfort zone to take risks.

Kudos to Akira Hatakeyama, Arata Nakatsuji, Daichi Hattori, 田中(Tanaka)大貴(Hiroki), Hyunkyo Seo, Lyie Nitta, Shiho Aoki, Sho Katayama.

In Israel, they got the support of our A-team: Alon Laor, Assaf Luxembourg and Tania Amar (Frederic N. was missed). They have been challenged by our approach of “work hard, play harder” and our particular culture of “dream big and start small.”

We found a group of courageous entrepreneurs, who face big challenges and don’t give up; a group of ambitious entrepreneurs, who want to make the world a better place; a group of internationals with deep values of respect and hard work that it was a pleasure to empower.

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