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Merage Marketing Workshop Series

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We recently finished the Merage Marketing Workshop Series, our exclusive acceleration program for selected startups from the Merage Alumni & Startup competition (with over 1,000 startup alumni!).

It was a pleasure to serve great founders such as Bar Reuven, Tirza Dany, Dima Vishnevetsky, Gal F., Dr. Keren Sagiv Friedgut, MD, Lee Sharir, Lior Moyal, Meir Hayun, Michael Lerner, Uri Gordon, Yair Nativ, Yonatan Doron & Yuval B. who came to learn, be challenged and take action. As the first batch of this program, I must ask them to forgive our learning curve, and thank them too for all their insights to improve it.

To pave their marketing journey, we were happy and proud to get the support of mentors and speakers, featuring Arik Tsur, Assaf Luxembourg, Ido Goldman, Lirone Glikman and Michael Gally.

We wish to also thank our partner for this project, Sagi Reuven, as well as Adi Stein & Eti Finkelstein אתי פינקלשטין Innovation Catalyst for their leadership at the Merage Alumni association, and for Microsoft Reactor in Tel Aviv for the hosting us, including Moria Dror for her extra care. 

Last but not least, we wish to thank Paul Merage from the University of California, Irvine – The Paul Merage School of Business, who’s dedication and philanthropy help dozens of Israeli founders every year in their USA go-to-market, and the dear Yishay Aizik who manages the Institute programs. 

Product-Market-Fit Lessons
To get a taste of what we have discussed, here are some product-market-fit lessons, by Assaf Luxembourg: