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Why we are entering Climatech

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Well, we’re actually already there, since 2015.

In 2015, our Yossi Dan was co-founding ISCI (Israel Smart Cities Institute) and we were quickly into what was known back then as CleanTech, or “Infrastructures”. That same year, we organized the first ever FoodTech Startup Competition 

FoodTech Startup Competition, Feb 2015 @ Academait Yafo

In the following years, our Yossi Dan was lucky to be part of the Harish Innovation Center, and organized the Israeli delegation at Innovative City in Nice, France.

Israel Delegation in Nice, Innovative Cities – June 2016

Since 2019, our startup bootcamps and mobility tech challenges (at EcoMotion and during the year) take into account the Energy part of Climate-Tech.

Le roi CleanTech est mort, Vive the roi ClimaTech !

We’re there for years, and we’re here to stay…