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Waseda University Bootcamp in Israel

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Located in the heart of Tokyo, Waseda is a research-intensive institution which provides a stimulating academic environment for its students from around the world.

We were happy to organize the Startup Bootcamp for 10 Waseda University aspiring entrepreneurs, who want to make it happen, inspired by Israeli talents and best practices.

Our bootcamp was part of an 3-week entrepreneurship trip, organized online by Corundum Innovation Co. Ltd. for Waseda University in Japan. Well done Ilan Kieselstein for this intense program.

So, what did we discuss and practice in the bootcamp?  ✓ Ideation ✓ Market Research ✓ Product Design  ✓ Business Models ✓ Product Market Fit ✓ Marketing  ✓ Pitching and more…

Kudos to our great mentors Tania Amar, Assaf Luxembourg & Alon Laor.

Good luck Madoka T., Masanori Saeki, PIN-CHU YANG, Nurul Burhan, Keita 安達慶太, Shogo 新保正悟, Miyu Okada, Mengyao 呉夢瑶 and Yuma 鉄祐磨