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November 26-29 Cyber Delegation to Israel

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For nearly a decade, we have been representing major multinationals like AXA and La Poste, and closely monitoring the Israeli cyber ecosystem on their behalf, tracing relevant opportunities. We have also participated in a taskforce of an international consortium for the FinSec tender in Beer Sheva, where despite our commendable efforts, we were honorably outshone by MasterCard and Enel. 

Through 1:1 missions tailored to highly specific requirements and appropriate solutions, we have observed a marked increase in the demand for securing the interconnected world, encompassing domains such as buildings, vehicles, residences, and more. 

In November 2023, we will organize a learning expedition, gathering key personnel from a known multinational corporation, including top IT executives and a deputy CEO. This collaborative forum will facilitate insightful discussions among pertinent stakeholders.

As part of this Cyber delegation to Israel, there are numerous expected opportunities for all of our community – from Chief Innovation Officers of other multinational corporations, to startups, investors, and beyond.

Stay tuned for further details!