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Key Learnings from VivaTech 2023 Delegation, and Why Elon Musk Wanted to Be There

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What did we learn at VivaTech 2023?

This edition was a blast for the Israeli delegation. While the conference in general was highly focused on Sport (One year or so before the Paris Olympic Games) and AI, the Israeli delegation was focused on building relationships.

More than 450 participants attended our 4 Israeli-specific events, including our “Sustainable Innovation” breakfast at Finance Innovation cluster

We held our side-event at the ESCP

We held our Startup Nation© Club event

We held 15 meetings in 2 days, including 12 CAC40 corps – sharing ideas, asking and contributing in a face-to-face high quality environment. 

Chapeau to the Israeli startups delegation!

Here are our top 5 key learnings from the event:

#1- Magic happens only when people meet, and when you meet in a magical place, it helps as well.

#2- Invest in traveling, visiting and meeting your clients and investors, to learn where they live and how they work.

#3- Use every single iteration to learn and improve your pitch.

#4- Show what you have today, and then explain where it can grow BIG tomorrow.

#5- Sharing and peer to peer support between the delegation participants is invaluable.

And what about Elon Musk you ask? Actually, his attendance has convinced many participants to stay and join. We’re not sure if he knew that the Israeli delegation was the biggest ever of all the editions we organized; but at least, this conference pick allowed VivaTech Paris to become the biggest tech event in the world, bigger than CES!

See you next year!


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