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iCON by Coface visits Israel

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Coface (Compagnie Française d’Assurance pour le Commerce Extérieur) is a credit insurer that operates worldwide, in addition to offering debt collection services, factoring and business information, and bonds.

iCON is Coface’s innovative business information unit, which focuses on data monetisation of Coface’s proprietary information and BI capabilities, into a new, powerful and irrefutable added value to credit officers and risk managers all over the world.

iCON operates like a startup inside a large enterprise, and were looking for stimulators to accelerate their development. For this reason, they reached out to us. With our help, Matthieu Garnier, CEO of iCON and SVP DATA & ANALYTICS at Coface, led an iCON core team delegation to Tel Aviv in April 2022. Their goal was to be inspired by the Israeli innovation ecosystem, meet top influencers and potential partners, and find practical ways to utilize the Israeli ecosystem to their ends. Since then, iCON has used our startup studio services for some missions around their next architecture and marketing.

Delegation Album: