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24-Hour Startup Bootcamp in Tel Aviv

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On September 2020, in the midst of Covid-19, we held an online event in order to help aspiring and beginning entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, students and job seekers jumpstart 100 startups, in 24 hours!

The aim of the event was to help push new entrepreneurs forward to the next level of their startup journey. Due to Covid-19, thousands of people have been left out of work and were encouraged to use it as an opportunity to reenter the workforce. For 24 hours, participants were able to work on their own projects while also enjoying speakers who shared valuable insights into entrepreneurship. 

Speakers included Israeli lawmaker Nir Barkat, OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved, and Israel Innovation Authority CEO Aharon Aharon, among others. The event was hosted by the Tel Aviv Municipality and Google for Startups – and supported by WeWork which facilitated the ‘war room’ for operations. Here, whiteboards, computers, and caffeinated organizers met to match-make young entrepreneurs with experienced mentors online in an attempt to create the next big startup.

We were happy to announce the winners:

IMMA.Health, by Beatrice Chemla, Nadia Prisant and Muriel Webb MD

– DeskPlan, by Jeremy Toledano and Carla Lasry

– StoryToons, by Konstantin Zinkov and Yulia Zinkov

We wish to also celebrate the 97 other projects who spent time, worked hard and played harder. We hope this bootcamp helped them improve what they have and who they are, until their time comes.

#Kudos to the partners who decided to give prizes to our winners & participants: #DLDTelAviv, Fiverr, #JumpStarter, Gvahim, Pitango Venture Capital, SigmaLabs Accelerator, Tel Aviv Global, ThePowerMBA, #TrekFounders, WeWork,

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